The Phantom Troupe (Genei Ryodan) is a Class A band of criminals comprised of 13 members which originated from Meteor City (Ryuusei). They are a group of people with no official records of existence in the world.


Kuroro Lucilfer is the leader and creator of The Phantom Troupe. The group first started of with 6 members but later grew to 13. Anyone who wishes to join the group will have to defeat the member he wishes to replace.

Current Members




Nobunaga Hazama



4. Kalluto Zoldyck

8. Shizuku

9. Shalnark

12. Feitan

13. Bonolenov

Original Members

1. Kuroro Lucilfer

2. ?

3. ?

4. Unknown

5. ?

6. ?

7. ?

8. Unknown (Assasinated by Silva Zoldyck)

9. Shalnark

10. ?

11. Uvogin

12. Feitan

13. Bonolenov

Replaced Members

4. Hisoka (Unofficial member - at the beginning)

4. Kalluto Zoldyck (New current member)

8. Shizuku (Current member)

Former Members

1. Kuroro Lucilfer (Renounced)

4. Hisoka (Renounced - Unofficial member)

11. Uvogin (Deceased)

Pakunoda (Deceased)

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